Brian Weaver Photography | ATLAnimals
Raven W: "We were very impressed by the quality and special moments captured by you! Thank you so much for the memories we will get to keep from your wonderful photography!"

I had the pleasure of meeting two members of this group when I photographed their marriage ceremony. I'll tell you, these were two of the nicest people I have ever met. Despite a few bumps during the service, their joy never dimmed. Everything was just taken in stride. So when I found out that as costumed performers they volunteer at different charity events, I had to get involved with them.

ATLAnimals is a group of hobby costumers in the Atlanta area, who want to make an impact in the community by reaching out to various charities and community events spreading smiles and joy to all! How can you beat that?

You can learn more about this group at ATLAnimals FB Page

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