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One of my favorite photographs is a picture taken of my grandmother in 1903, and in many ways it encapsulates the reasons why I love photography.  (Click here for picture)

First off, the image brings a smile to my face every time I see it.  I did not know my grandmother until late in her life and even then she was a lovely and vivacious woman.  But this picture of her helps me to understand from where that beauty of spirit came.  It captures the essence of a whimsical little girl, but in her eyes you see a strength and determination that goes beyond her years.  The picture works perfectly as a snapshot ... a moment in time. 

And yet, the image is timeless.  When my great-grandparents took her to this photographer's studio, I wonder if they had a sense of what they were creating. Did they know that, over a hundred years later, people would be looking at this image and thinking of this little child?  Did they realize they were creating this image not just for themselves but for those who would view it many generations later?  I pray that my great-grandchildren look upon this image and get that same sense of the bond that exists, regardless of the centuries that lay between them, between the subject and the viewer.

Finally, the image is unique.  In a time when most photographs were very formal affairs, this image is very light and easygoing. Whether this was at the request of my great-grandparents or the photographer's suggestion, I will never know.  But I know they worked together to create this image and they did an amazing job.

That, my friend, is why I love photography.  The ability to capture a moment in time, whether it be of a person or a place or an event.  The ability to bring the viewer into that moment and let them experience its sights and emotions.  The ability to create a link between the subject and the viewer that transverses time.  And in the end, to create an image that is unique. An image that let's the viewer see the subject just a bit differently than they might have expected. Yeah, that's photography.

Next, I would like to tell you about how you and I can work together to either find or create a perfect image for you ... click here