Sister Mary Jacinta(non-registered)
Brian did an excellent job at our students' First Holy Communion Mass. He was kind, dependable, and professional. The quality of the photos are exceptional - our parents were most impressed!
John Weaver(non-registered)
"Awesome" Brian...
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation - GA Chapter(non-registered)
Brian has volunteered his time and talent for several of our events now. Turn around is very quick, he's flexible with what we need shot depending on what event we are at, he treats our families with the utmost respect and the pictures are wonderful. They capture so many memories for our special families and we appreciate him!
Sister Grace Mary, O.P.(non-registered)
Amazingly beautiful pictures of our First Communion. Brian was a joy to work with. He also does a great job following up with any questions or concerns.
We were very impressed by the quality and special moments captured by you! Thank you so much for the memories we will get to keep from your wonderful photography! Thank you for getting such great pictures of those crazy wild animals that showed up at our wedding! hahah
Karina Simonis(non-registered)
Working with Brian was such a great experience! Super uplifting, encouraging, and all around wonderful. I will definitely shoot with him again!
Andrea Weaver(non-registered)
Such a great photographer!!! He snapped a couple of pics at the Savage race in Georgia this past weekend for me and they are amazing. I love them.
ga gal(non-registered)
You have an incredible way of capturing details in your photography, and leading your viewers to see the world from a slightly different perspective. Many photos I initially looked at as a whole, but was inevitably drawn into a particular spot by your deliberate framing, or choice of light, or use of color. Many pictures elicited an emotional response because you are able to capture animals with almost human nature. Other pictures held me captive as I tried to figure out how you achieved the strangeness or the beauty of the scene. Great portfolio - I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Johanna Baldwin(non-registered)
Wow! You are VERY talented, my friend. Beautiful photographs. I couldn't even say "photos" as that word doesn't do justice to your work, which is an art form.
Kelly Weaver(non-registered)
Love the photos! :) You have such a great talent!
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