Brian Weaver Photography: Blog en-us Brian Weaver Photography, LLC (Brian Weaver Photography) Fri, 08 Jun 2018 13:31:00 GMT Fri, 08 Jun 2018 13:31:00 GMT Brian Weaver Photography: Blog 120 96 Train Chasing On the 7th of April, I took on a bit of an expedition chasing a steam train from Chattanooga, TN down to Summerville, GA.  The objective was to capture images of the train at various vantage points in its journey south.  What we got was not only a number of really fantastic images, which I will be making available through this website over in the next few days, but we had a great day and a number of terrific experiences during the course of the trip.  

The day started off cold and misty at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.  We met some folks from the group we were traveling with and waited for the steam engine to come into the yard and hook up to the passenger cars.  Well before we could see her, the sound of that engine and her whistle told us the wait would not be long.  And then she came around a bend leading to the depot ... a beautiful machine with all the sights and sounds one expects from a big steam engine.  Engine No. 4501 was built in 1911 by Baldwin Locomotive Works and served the Southern Railway hauling freight until being retired from service in 1948.  In October 1948, she was bought by the Kentucky and Tennessee Railway (K&T) and was in service until 1964.  When she was retried from service by K&T, she was purchased and refurbished to use for tourist excursions.

I include here a first image from the day.  This picture was taken in the train yard at the beginning of the day.

Engine #4501


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An Encounter in Traffic

My journal entries will not always have to do with photography and for anyone who only wants to see images and the stories behind them, I apologize.  Whereas my intention is to use this space to convey personal reflections in addition to discussing photography, I present the following encounter.

I had left for work later than normal and traffic was heavy but it was really backed up to turn at the light on S. Marietta Parkway. Normally, whenever I am turning at a light and there is traffic, I try to stay as close to the car in front of me as I can. I do this because I figure it is the best way to get as many cars through the light as possible. I find it very aggravating waiting 2 or 3 cycles at a light and you see people ahead who leave multiple car lengths between them and the car in front of them as they go through the intersection

In any case, here I am waiting at the light and, after 2 cycles, I am lined up to get though it this time. For whatever reason, I ended up leaving a little space between me and the car in front of me as we proceeded. Seeing how nature abhors a vacuum, someone who had decided their time was more valuable then the rest of us took the opportunity to drive pass everyone else waiting and cut in front of me. For me, this is way more aggravating then people who don't turn quickly enough and only slightly less than people on a crowded interstate who drive down an exit only lane and cut into traffic at the last second.

My immediate reaction to this person cutting in front of me was to ensure he knew in no uncertain terms how I felt about this behavior which would involve my car horn and a well deserved gesture. Now, I should let you know that I keep a crucifix hanging from my rear view mirror. I keep it there not as some magical talisman that is going to protect me from harm or get me to work on-time. I keep it there to remind me of how I am supposed to treat others and there is nowhere I need reminding of that more than when I am behind the wheel. 

As my hand was rising up to express my displeasure with this fellow, my crucifix caught a bit of light from somewhere and flickered. I love it when we are given little reminders of the Creator's presence. I continued to raise my hand but now my gesture turned into a sign of the cross. And not some sarcastic "Bless You" sign of the cross. This was heart felt and in that moment the curse on my lips transformed into a blessing to this other driver. I wished him well, said a quick prayer that he arrived safely and any stress in his life was lightened. I drove through the intersection with a smile on my face.

I can only hope he had a good day. I know I did.

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The Calling In creating this diptych, I wish to convey that sense of isolation when we are cutoff from others and from the world around us.  So often, we imprison ourselves in cells of our own making.  However, there is a voice that calls us out of our self imposed exile.  A voice that reaches beyond our barriers.  We only need to reach out and allow it to envelope us to be released.


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Clothing & Accessories I have added to my collection of products available through VIDA ... the image is available as a sleeveless or standard shirt as well as a matching bag.  You can access my collection by clicking here


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VIDA Bag I love doing fine art photography and it is always a thrill to me to see my work hanging in a gallery or in someone's home. So I am super excited to announce that my work is going mobile. I am now a designer for VIDA ... a company that produces clothing and accessories from original art work. I am currently working on a few ideas for a line of products for Spring but in the meantime, I have two items offered for sale. 

Go to…/spring-alive to see the first bag and if you scroll down to related products you will see the second.

Annie ordered one of the bags and it came in the mail yesterday.  We are really happy with the quality of the bag and the rendering of the image.


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My First Exhibit I have been invited to exhibit my photography at Marketplace120 ( in Marietta, GA.  There is to be a reception on July 11th and my work will be on display until July 31st.  This is the first exhibit of my work and it has been quite an adventure preparing for the event.  From selecting the pieces I want to display, creating a layout, producing them ... it is a facet of photography that I have not had to deal with before.  For friends in the Atlanta, there will be a reception on July 8th.  I'd love to see you there.  If not, please come out during the month and see my work.

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Inspiration Can you tell me from where the source of your inspiration flows?  Do you know the exact spot?  Is it all around you ... enfolding you upon waking and lying with you at night?  Or is it allusive and fleeting ... to be seen one moment out of the corner of your eye only to dissipate when viewed head on. Does it require cultivating like a garden so fragile the slightest breeze could make it disappear or is it rock hard granite?   

I have discovered that mine is a little of both.  It is a snowball thrown as I round a corner, striking without warning, and melting away as quickly as it came.  Melting so fast that if I don't capture it in that moment, it is gone forever and I am left cold and shivering.  But in that brief instant between snowball and slush running down the back of my neck, is my opportunity.  It is the moment in which I see my inspiration.  It is in that moment of clarity that an idea springs forth, a thought is given the chance to live.  

The problem of course is that I have no idea when I'll round the next corner and part of me fears I never will.


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Late Autumn 2015 - Carter's Lake Between the weather being nothing but rain here in North Georgia for most of October/November and illness running amok in the Weaver household, we didn't get much time for hiking this fall.  However, I did get a chance to get up to Carter's Lake this past weekend and get in a few short walks.   There is some nice scenery but either because of the time of year or the fact that I didn't have a lot of time in the area, I didn't find any locations that I would return to for a photo shoot.  The full gallery can be accessed here.



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